Installing Exchange Server 2010 Pre-Requisites Server 2008

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First, install the following software components.

.NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1
.NET Framework 3.5 Family Update
Windows Remote Management and Windows PowerShell 2.0
2007 Office System Converter: Microsoft Filter Pack (for Hub Transport and Mailbox Server roles only)
Run the following from an elevated command prompt.

C:\>sc config NetTcpPortSharing start= auto

Next we need to install the operating system components. The Exchange source files contain a series of ServerManagerCmd.exe answer files in XML format that can be used to install the operating system pre-requisites for each of the server roles.

Each file relates to a specific Exchange 2010 deployment scenario.

exchange-all.xml – all server roles
exchange-base.xml – only the requirements for Forest and Domain prep operations
exchange-cadb.xml – Central Admin Database role
exchange-cas.xml – Client Access Server role
exchange-eca.xml – Central Admin role
exchange-edge.xml – Edge Transport Server role
exchange-hub.xml – Hub Transport Server role
exchange-mbx.xml – Mailbox Server role
exchange-typical.xml – Typical Exchange server (Client Access, Hub Transport, and Mailbox Server roles)
exchange-um.xml – Unified Messaging role
For example, here is the contents of the exchange-cas.xml file.

Execute any of the answer files using ServerManagerCmd.exe and the -inputPath parameter (that can be shortened to -ip). Here I am installing the pre-requisites for a “Typical” server.

C:\Admin\Exchange 2010\scripts>servermanagercmd -ip exchange-typical.xml

Start Installation…

Skipping [.NET Framework 3.0 Features] .NET Framework 3.0 Features because it is
already installed on this computer.

[Installation] Succeeded: [.NET Framework 3.0 Features] WCF Activation.
[Installation] Succeeded: [Web Server (IIS)] Management Tools.
[Installation] Succeeded: [Web Server (IIS)] Web Server.
[Installation] Succeeded: [Remote Server Administration Tools] Feature Administr
ation Tools.
[Installation] Succeeded: [Remote Server Administration Tools] Role Administrati
on Tools.
[Installation] Succeeded: [Remote Server Administration Tools] Active Directory
Domain Services Tools.
[Installation] Succeeded: [Web Server (IIS)] Performance.
[Installation] Succeeded: [Web Server (IIS)] IIS 6 Management Compatibility.
[Installation] Succeeded: [Web Server (IIS)] Health and Diagnostics.
[Installation] Succeeded: [Web Server (IIS)] Application Development.
[Installation] Succeeded: [Web Server (IIS)] Security.
[Installation] Succeeded: [Web Server (IIS)] Common HTTP Features.

Success: A restart is required to complete the installation.

C:\Admin\Exchange 2010\scripts>
If you want the restart to happen automatically add the -restart option to the command.

C:\Admin\Exchange 2010\scripts>servermanagercmd -ip exchange-typical.xml -restart

The server is now ready for installation of Exchange Server 2010.

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