Install XenApp – Failed to configure component ‘Citrix licensing’

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Installing Citrix XenApp 6 Fundamentals on Server 2008R2


Citrix XenApp 6 installation instructions say all necessary prerequisites will be automatically installed by it’s installer. Maybe in Citrix world, but not in reality. Installation fails after 10 seconds and logs usually shows a message like “Failed to configure component ‘Citrix licensing’ “ or “Failed to configure component ‘Citrix Delivery Services Console’ “.

To get it going, you will have to start with a clean system.. No updates installed, nothing! I made a mistake here by updating my Server 2008 R2 OS with latest patches. It seems that some of them are causing install to crash even with all prerequisites installed. So first thing to do is NOT TO UPDATE YOUR OS. After XenApp install is complete, you can make an image of your system and install updates one by one and test which one fails. But in this post we won’t talk about that.

1. Install clean Server 2008 R2 – NO WINDOWS UPDATES (you can play with that later)

2. Join the domain (setup it’s IP, name etc first)

3. Add the following ROLES

– .net 3.5 (Application Server Role – not under Features)

– IIS 7 (Web Server Role – I added IIS 6 compatibility service as well)

– Remote Session Host and Licensing server

4. Reboot the server

5. Run the installer


It should work fine now.

Thanks Citrix for making it easy 🙂

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