Replace Dell PERC H310 to H710 Raid Controller without losing data

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I have successfully upgraded Dell PERC H310 Raid Controller with H710 without losing any data. The process was very simple, pretty much plug and play. Before the upgrade I tried to consult with the Dell techs, but they had no idea about the process and its outcome since apparently no one ever had a need to do it, but me. Well, i guess I am a pioneer now 🙂

To assure everyone it really works, I took a video, watch bellow.

Any questions feel free to ask.

1. Remove the old PERC H310 card

old_perc_h310_in_server_large        old_perc_h310_in_server


2. Insert new PERC H710 (make sure to plug in the SAS connectors)

perc_h710_box        perc_h710_in_server

3. Watch the video.

How To Setup Server 2012 as a Domain Controller

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In Windows Server 2012, dcpromo has been deprecated.


In order to make the windows server 2012 domain controller we will install ADDS (Active Directory Domain Services) role from the server manager on Windows Server 2012.

First we will change the server name let say server2012dc and  the IP address (try to avoid using default





“Before You Begin” screen provides you basic information such as configuring strong passwords, IP addresses and Windows updates.


On Installation Type page, select the first option “Role-based or Feature-based Installation“.

Scenario-based Installation option applied only to Remote Desktop services.


On the “Server Selection” Page, select a server from the server pool and click next.


To install AD DS, select Active Directory Domain Services in turn it will pop-up to add other AD DS related tools. Click on Add Features.


After clicking “Add Features” above, you will be able to click “Next >” as shown in the screen below.


On the “Select Features” Page, Group Policy Management feature automatically installed during the promotion. Click next.


On the “Active Directory Domain Services” page, it gives basic information about AD DS. Click Next.


On the “Confirmation” Page, You need to confirm this to continue with this configuration. It will provide you an option to export the configuration settings and  also if you want the server to be restarted automatically as required.


After clicking “Install” the selected role binaries will be installed on the server.


After “Active Directory Domain Services” role binaries have been installed and now it is time to promote the server to a Domain Controller.




To create a new AD forest called “ArabITPro.local”, select add a new forest.


Type the name ArabITPro.local


Specify the FFL, DFL, whether or not it should be a DNS Server and also the DSRM administrator password. As you can see, it has selected the GC option by default and you cannot deselect it. The reason for this is that is the very first DC of the AD forest and at least one needs to be a GC.


DNS delegation warning.


Checks the NetBIOS name already assigned.


Specify the location of the AD related folders and then click next.


Summary Of All Installation Options/Selections.


Click View script for single command  line PowerShell script for dcpromo.


Before the actual install of AD, all prerequisites are checked. If All prerequisite checks are passed successfully then click Install.


When you click Install, DNS and the GPMC are installed automatically.


After the promotion of the server to a DC finished server restart automatically.

Once the server is booted and you logon to it, click on  Server Manager | Tools ,  will notice that following have been installed :

•   Active Directory Administrative Center
•   Active Directory Domains and Trusts
•   Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell
•   Active Directory Sites and Services
•   Active Directory Users and Computers
•   ADSI Edit
•   DNS
•   Group Policy Management


original tutorial – Microsoft


Can’t create files on the C drive of Windows 8 A required privilege is not held by the client

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A required privilege is not held by the client when you try to create a file or folder on the c drive of Windows 8.

Do not turn UAC off from Windows 8 control panel.

Instead, go to registry and do the following:

  1. Press keys “Windows Key + R”, type regedit
  2. Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\EnableLUA
  3. Update the EnableLUA value to 0 (turn if off)
  4. Restart Windows.


Tested, works 🙂

Yet again, thanks Microsoft for a great OS!

How to fix: Hotmail & Gmail mark me as SPAM – Be careful! This sender failed our fraud detection checks.

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If your emails keep going to people’s “Junk” or “Spam” folders on either GMAIL or HOTMAIL this is how to fix it:

GMAIL, HOTMAIL and many other public email systems use Sender Policy Framework (SPF) to recognize legit senders.

If you do not have a valid SPF Record in place, your emails won’t pass the security check and will me marked as SPAM.


1. You need to access your Hosting Control Panel, where the domain in question is hosted. In our case we use cPanel.


2. Find DNS Zone Editor icon (either Simple or Advanced)


3. Chose the domain you want to add the records to and add the following details



v=spf1 ip4:ipaddress/24 -all

v=spf1 a mx ~all

v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:ipaddress ?all


First option is to use the public ip address /24 in that subnet

Second option uses the server FQDN no matter what the IP is

Third option uses the public ip address regardles of subnets


Second option us usually the most correct option since it uses a FQDN regardles of it’s public IP address..


Hope this helps 🙂

If any questions feel free to comment or private message me.


 UPDATE 04.10.2013.

SPF Record Generator

By Microsoft, works great.